Training & Skill Develop’t

1on1 Skill Development ($45)

One on One Training Sessions consists of four areas of focus: Footwork, “Playing on Balance”, Ball Handling and Shooting.  Using the training methods and tools from our past experiences, DSO Sports has formed a methodology for developing an “All-Around Player/Game” that coaches, teams and organizations look for.  Starting with Footwork & Speed Improvement Drills, trainers take each athlete through a countless number of exercises pulled from top Division I College and Professional training environments.  From our Off-Season training methods to our In-Season training concepts, EVERY ATHLETE will be trained and pushed to be a fundamental and effective player both physically and mentally on the floor.

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Group Skills Development ($20)

At a discounted rate, players will get the opportunity to train with other players looking to improve in the same focus areas they are. Through competition drills, 2 & 3-man game situation exercises and individual skill development we will push players to develop skills and gain confidence with their skills in game situations.

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DSO Sports Juniors ($50)

Looking for a smooth and enjoyable introduction to the game of basketball? This program is designed for the youngest players in the sport to learn the game of basketball, THE RIGHT WAY! Players will learn the basic basketball fundamentals though ball handling drills, shooting drills and passing drills. Each player will be encouraged to develop in the sport and have fun!

1st Session

  • Kindergarten
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  • 1st & 2nd Grades
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Performance Training ($10)

UntitledPerformance Elite Training is one of our most demanded services w/in DSO Sports.  With over 15 years of Performance Elite Training experience, both as players and a coaches, DSO SPORTS offers each athlete the exact drills and exercises that elite Professional, College and High School athletes use and train with.  Having access to over 2500 sq ft of hardwood training surface, resistance bands and tires, WE GUARANTEE each athlete will become more explosive vertically and laterally as well as being more effective changing direction and maintaining balance in their respective sport.

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